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Avenza Map Store Submission Guidelines (Vendor)

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2019 12:26PM EDT

All maps must be properly and accurately georeferenced and in one of the following formats:

  • Geospatial PDF
  • Geo PDF
  • GeoTIFF
  • TIFF + TFW + WKT* (zipped)
  • JPG + JGW + WKT* (zipped)

*Alternatively, you can use a PRJ file in place of a WKT if desired

All geospatial PDFs must comply with Adobe Acrobat 1.7 specification and should be optimized. In Adobe Acrobat, use Advanced > PDF Optimizer or File > Save As > Optimized PDF to create a balance of small file size and good quality. Learn more about optimization here

Geospatial PDF documents are limited to only one georeferenced frame. Areas that do not fit within the extents of the MAP View can result in incorrect referencing results. It is recommended to omit inset maps (alternatively, submit them separately.) However, if an inset map is an important part of the overall document, we recommend a note be added stating that the inset map does not contain referencing. In addition, we recommend that notes to this effect be mentioned in the product description.

PDFs protected by password cannot be uploaded. Remove the password from the PDF before uploading.

An ideal map file should be no larger than 10,000 pixels in either width or height. Avenza Maps is designed to work best with maps that are of a normal print size (approximately 3'x2').  Maps much larger than that may have problems processing or be cumbersome to use on a device.  If you're having trouble optimizing your map, feel free to contact us for assistance.

GeoTIFF images with included layers or alpha channels are not supported. Images should be flattened prior to exporting to GeoTIFF or geospatial PDF.

Vendors should not post prices anywhere other than the Pricing field on the map details page. Prices may vary and change depending on the local currency and the platform of purchase (iTunes vs. Google Play) so having a static price in places other than the Pricing field could lead to confusion on the part of the user.

We strongly recommend that maps be tested in the Avenza Maps app and Adobe Acrobat in order to verify its geospatial accuracy and appearance at various zoom levels prior to uploading. You will also get a chance to see how the map resolution and quality looks on the device.

Maps should be in a projected coordinate system (not a geodetic coordinate system). This ensures that tools in Avenza Maps such as Measure Area or Measure Distance work accurately.

Submitted maps will be converted to indexed colour mode. Maps uploaded in CMYK or RGB colour mode may appear differently on the device as a result.

Submit maps with filenames that only contain alphanumeric, dash, underscore, or dot characters. If filenames contain characters other than the types listed, they will be removed when uploaded through the vendor site. More importantly, maps sent to Avenza for batch processing must follow these filename guidelines or the batch will fail. Unicode characters are not supported in filenames when files are being uploaded, however, Unicode characters can be added to map titles when editing product listings on the vendor site.

PDFs may not appear in the Avenza Maps app exactly as they do in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, as they are processed on our server using a different PDF renderer (XPdf) than Adobe Acrobat. Usually, the differences are negligible for mobile device use. For greater control of the output, use Geographic Imager and Adobe Photoshop to convert the PDF to a GeoTIFF, or output the map as a GeoTIFF from any other supporting application and upload that instead.


If you have a large collection of maps you can arrange for a batch upload with us.

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