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Last Updated: Aug 07, 2019 03:21PM EDT

The Notifications tab at the top of the vendor page shows all the automatic notifications Avenza has sent related to your account.  The notification will say whether the map has finished or failed to process.  You will also be sent email notifications.  The common reasons that a map could fail processing are:

  1. Could not detect georeferencing: If the map is not georeferenced properly it cannot be processed. Verify that the original file is georeferenced accurately if this error appears, or is not using a deprecated coordinate system
  2. Processing time limit exceeded: If a map takes longer than one hour to process then it will fail. If the map is very large or has a large amount of vector data it can encounter this error. Try reducing the resolution of the map or splitting it into multiple smaller maps. You can make these maps into a Map Bundle once uploaded. The easiest remedy for this error is to rasterize the map prior to uploading or exporting and uploading as an Avenza Maps package (requires MAPublisher or Geographic Imager). 
  3. Internal Server Error: Sometimes, the map can fail to process due to issues with our processing server.  GeoTIFF's commonly have more success than a Geospatial PDF.  There is no easy remedy for this one, it's best to wait a few hours and try processing again, or contact us for further assistance using the form to the right. 

If you are still having any problems with getting your map uploaded, please contact our Support team using the form to the right. 



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